Optimizations at Airports

Partner project: Passagierabhängige Energieverbrauchssteuerung auf Flughäfen

Together with our partner Amophsys, Oktett64 developed a concept to control and optimize the energy consumption at airports depending on various events (e.g., passenger flow).


  • Correlate energy demand with passenger demand and build scenarios for better energy management
  • Identify optimization opportunities based on building usage and responsiveness of electrical consumers
  • Connect meters and systems to measure electrical consumption from different buildings and components
  • Identify electrical supply (internal / external) based on Passenger Flow for Energy Optimisation

Input Sources

  • Airport Operations
  • Resource Management Systems
  • Passenger tracking and handling
  • Road traffic (Bus, Train,…)

Events recorded by Amorphsys

  • Flow simulation
  • Flow forecast
  • Volume of persons per area
  • Predicted bottlenecks
  • Scenario analysis

Analytics done by Amorphsys

Oktett64 Integration

All data prepared by Amorphsys is transferred to the Oktett64 Energy Management System via a standardized interface. In addition Oktett64 captures

• Weather forecast
• Temperature sensors
• Operator overrides
• Maintenance requests

and based on self-collected data and the data of Amorphsys, the building systems are controlled via specially developed algorithms packages.


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